Murphy Beds in Maui

A Maui murphy bed or a wall bed, can be a wonderful way to save space in your bedroom, or to make a room in the house multi-purpose. 


Some things to consider in the planning stages

1. Horizontal or Vertical?

Murphy beds in Maui can either fold up into the wall in a vertical or horizontal position. This is totally up to your personal preference and/or the wall space you currently have. The picture to the right is an example of a vertically positioned murphy bed. The image below this text is an example of a horizontal murphy bed.

2. Shaker or Slab doors?

Most Murphy bed in Maui units are designed with faux cabinet fronts. The first image on the website shows an example of shaker door fronts. The last photo below shows an example of plain slab fronts.


The photo to the left has neither shaker or slab fronts, but rather a shiplap front to blend seamlessly with the surrounding shiplap wall. 


3. Stand Alone or Built in Shelving/Cabinetry?

Lastly, consider if you are wanting a stand alone bed, or if you desire built in cabinetry, drawers, or shelving. Both the first and last photos on the page show a small unit constructed on either side of the bed. Built in units can be as simple as those pictured or can be more elaborate, spanning an entire wall space. 

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