Custom Cabinetry in maui

Commercial & Residential


Maui custom cabinetry to fit your kitchen. We can help you design a layout that will work best for you, including islands, special corner cabinets, floating shelves and upper and lower cabinets. 

Bathroom Vanities

Bathroom vanities can be from the floor up or can be “floating” and have a combination of custom cabinets, drawers, and shelves.

Wall Units

Typically a mix of shelving and custom cabinetry built along a wall. Great for residential living room spaces as well as a number of commercial spaces.

The Process

In order to get an estimate for custom cabinetry, we will need to come out and take measurements of your space; however there are some things you can decide on before we take measurements that will factor into the cost.

1. Wood or Painted Finish?

Deciding whether you want a natural wood finish or a painted finish is often the first step in designing your custom cabinetry in Maui. 

We work with all types of wood, but a few of our most requested wood species are Monkeypod, Sapele, Koa, Teak, White Oak, and Walnut.

We are also able to stain and bleach wood to achieve a custom tone or color.

2. Shaker or Slab?

Shaker door panels have rails and stiles around an inset panel. Shaker doors add more dimension and interest to the cabinet doors.

Slab door fronts are smooth and flat. Slab doors create a more understated and modern look. They look especially incredible with wood species that have beautiful or exotic grain flow, as they will allow the wood be front and center. 

Both are great options. Slab doors are lower maintenance to clean, as they do not collect dust like shaker doors do. They are also more cost efficient.

Slab vs Shaker Sapele Kitchen

3. Horizontal or Vertical Grain Flow?

If you are looking into slab doors, you will have the option of positioning the wood grain flowing horizontally across the panels or vertically. To the right are two photos showcasing the differences between horizontal and vertical.

Vertical vs Horizontal Teak Kitchen